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- Downloads

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Complete Catalog.pdf
Complete Foam Corps catalog. PDF Format. UPDATED JAN 2010
Order Form.pdf
Foam Corps 2006 Order form. UPDATED JAN 2010
Shortboard Blanks.pdf
Catalog of the entire shortboard family tree of surfboard blanks including SBM models with all dimensions. PDF Format. UPDATED JAN 2010
Gun Blanks.pdf
Catalog of the entire family tree of gun surfboard blanks blanks with all dimensions. PDF Format. UPDATED JAN 2010
Fish & Egg Blanks.pdf
Catalog of the entire fish and egg family tree of surfboard blanks with all dimensions. PDF Format. UPDATED JAN 2010
Longboard Blanks.pdf
Catalog of the entire family tree of longboard surfboard blanks with all dimensions. PDF Format. UPDATED JAN 2010
SUP Blanks.pdf
Catalog of the entire SUP family tree of surfboard blanks with all dimensions. PDF Format. UPDATED JAN 2010
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- Introduction to ARCTIC ’ Foam & Wood products

Arctic Foam is dedicated to producing the highest quality foam/stringer combinations. The density chart below offers great choices for lightness and strength. A wide range of blank shapes (see Arctic Foam Diagram Book) puts the shaper closer to the design target. Many stringer choices coupled with functional rocker curves will allow for cutting edge surfboard design. This is and always has been the core feature of the custom surfboard industry.

Experienced shapers have the answer to strong foam in their cutting quiver.

Tungsten carbide grit barrels for Hitachi and Makita planers are becoming widely available around the world. Sharp, conventional planer blades work well with Arctic Foam as do a sharp Surform and sand paper.

Many fast shaping foams have a dead feeling in the water. A pleasing feature with Arctic Foam is that they make a very lively feeling surfboard. This liveliness can be attributed to memory, or spring back. Composite surfboard manufacturers (EPS/Epoxy/sandwich) spend endless time and money trying to achieve this very basic element is incorporated in every Arctic Foam blank.

- Foam Densities

Density Chart
Blank Weights
Additional Charge
Median Density (Stock weight for all boards)
add 5% to list price
add 25% to list price
add 40% to list price




Yellow Density (High Performance) - Widely used for team rider’s shortboards, ‘Yellow’ will produce what might be considered the lightest urethane foam surfboard on the planet. The popularity of this foam continues to grow even though the life of the finished surfboard may be short.

Green Density(Standard) - This is the Median Density foam when all customers average out all blanks made by Arctic Foam for density choice. The ‘all time’ favorite foam for shortboards. High paddling buoyancy and lively surfing response on a wave make this foam the choice of hard core to recreational surfers.

Blue Density (Classic) - is considered excellent for compression strength. There are cutting edge manufacturers who make most of their shortboards from Green Foam and their team rider boards from Yellow Foam. By comparison, more conservative manufacturers feel that dent free longboards should be made from Blue Foam. It is also true that these heavier foams require less glass and thus a saving is made.

Purple Foam(Retro - Nose Rider) - The original 1960’s Malibu (longboard) foam. This foam as a blank used to be glassed with two layers of ten ounce on the deck and one layer of ten on the bottom. For weight and strength.

Silver Foam (Tow - Kite) - Just as you would imagine it to be. Silver has to compete with wood so it is very tough.

- Additional Blank Information

Foam blank type abbreviations

LB - Longboard
E -
& F - Fish
GN -
Stand up Paddleboard

These abbreviations will appear throughout the Arctic Foam Price List.

Stringers Arctic Foam offers a wide range of stringers. From all natural colored stringers to a variety of colored basswood plys. The reason for this is to allow each manufacturer to make their finished product look different to their competitors. Taking this a step further, a manufacturer may choose to offer a wide range of stringer types to satisfy their individual customer needs (i.e., singles, doubles, triples and various T-Band combos). A hand shaped surfboard made with an impressive stringer or two under a good glass job will outshine a molded ‘popout’ in any cosmetic contest.

Rockers - A rocker chart is available. Custom rockers are welcome.

Customer generated rocker curves- Customer’s deck curve can be drawn onto paper clearly marking the nose starting point. Existing templates can be altered with nose and tail variations. Customers may request their curves to be kept confidential.

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Welcome to the Web site for Foam Corps Artic Foam, a leading designer and manufactuer of surfboard blanks. We are committed to servicing custom business orders with a wide variety of surfboard blank sizes, weights, custom rockers, and stringer combinations (utilizing unique stringers and materials).  Foam Corps offers an extensive collection of surfboard blanks including, Shortboard surfboard blanks, Fish surfboard blanks, Egg surfboard blanks, Gun surfboard blanks, Towboard blanks, SUP blanks and Longboard surfboard blanks are offered.